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7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Travel The World

1. Travel will let you know skills you think you didn’t have

Entrepreneurship is everyone’s dream, but only a few succeed in this journey, many give up assuming they are not skilled enough to deal it right. It’s not really necessary to master all skills before you start your journey, Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride, just be prepared to enjoy it.

At times, we give up assuming we are not strong enough to face the hurdles that life gives us, in my case, swimming with fish in the water is my biggest fear, once I visited Perhentian Islands in Malaysia, I had to swim in the crystal clear blue waters with a lot of fish around me, I almost gave up on my first attempt as the fish were touching me all over, I was so disappointed as I already booked my two day trip to this Island, my scuba diving, snorkelling and other adventure rides are to happen in the same water.

I love water, but fish is my biggest fear, it was testing time for me, I had only two choices, either win my fear over fish to enjoy what I love (water) or just sit back all the trip, I have chosen the former and the result is, I ended diving even with sharks.

I opted the same approach whenever I faced tough challenges in life, water for me is an opportunity of life, fish is a small obstacle, prior to this trip I used to keep myself away when I see fish in water, after this trip, I got to know how to handle the fish (problems) in life.

2. You will know who you are?

You are not your name or your designation, the whole purpose of your life is different. Your life can take a big turn once you start questioning yourself who you are? and why you are here?

With our hectic schedules and busy routine, we don’t find time to talk to ourselves, vacation is the right moment where unknowingly you put these questions to yourself and then the miracle happens.

Until my school, I was just an average student as my focus was more on cricket, later in my early college days, I once visited Talakona waterfalls near Tirupati with my friends, we climbed to the tip of the hill, I sat down on the edge and started observing the beauty of waterfalls and valley from the ariel view, after sitting there for an hour, slowly my mind started coming out of its regular thoughts, It forced me to question myself who I am? and what is the purpose of my life? I got my answers there, it helped me a lot to prosper in my career.

Try to identify your favourite spots, go there alone, sit calm before taking any decisions. this will surely help you to take the right decisions.

3. Perceptions change

Indian parents protect their kids too much, this used to bother me a lot, but my perception towards this changed when I met a lady from Germany on my Singapore trip, we travelled together for a couple of days and had extensive discussions on life, parenting, customs, career, love and so on so forth comparing both our cultures.

The one important take away from this journey is that in Europe and America, parents don’t save much for their children, the moment kids are separated from their parents they have to strive a lot even to pay for their tuition fees. But Indian parents always ensure strong financial support for their kids till they get into employment. If I haven’t met her on this trip, my perception towards Indian parenting would have never changed.

Just like how my perception changed on Indian parenting even customer’s perception of brands changes from time to time. If entrepreneurs fail to analyse the customer perception of their product, it will lead to a bad collapse. Every time your sales guy gives you a different story when questioned on sales drop, always remember that your sales guy can bid goodbye to you anytime, but by then the damage is done already, instead of listening to their cool stories every time, you keep travelling across territories to find out your customers’ perception and act accordingly to ensure a long life to your product.

Don’t forget how the perception of the global community changed towards India after Steve Jobs talking about his fabulous journey in India.

4. Travel is an education

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have great teachers for all our subjects at school, even I had a similar teacher for geography at my school, he was not that great at the subject, he even failed to convince me on the shape of the earth, later when grown-up  I travelled places and that is when I started mapping countries around the globe.

Travelling will expose you to different languages, religions, customs and food habits, the more you travel the more adventurous you become, you become fearless, being fearless is one of the most desired qualities of an entrepreneur.

5. Travel gives you cool stories

A good entrepreneur should be a good speaker, if you look at great influential speakers they win hearts with great stories, one cannot gather stories sitting at the desk, travel will give you cool stories and experiences and this will help you in your speeches to give a realistic feel to the audience.

6. Your brain needs travel

Your brain is designed to warn you when you overstretch it, but we work extra hours at the office, drive extra miles on roads, we overload it with all unnecessary information we gather on social platforms.

We ignore all kind of brain warnings, trouble it to the best and make it restless, so it is your brain which needs vacation not you. Once you let it free, It will get back to its normal functioning, clears all cache, junk and helps you to think new, I totally forgot my banking and work passwords when I was back from my Ooty vacation, the more clean and peaceful you keep your brain the more power it gives you to do new, unique and big things in life.

7. Travel is a celebration

I personally tell my brain that, if it can help me in achieving an X part of my goal, I will take it to the X part of the world and it never failed, for my body and soul, travel is a celebration of success.

Entrepreneurs have to make this a routine, if you go on vacation and celebrate your success, you get time to think about what’s next? and it keeps you going.

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By Chaitanya Gundluri

Chaitanya Gundluri is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Investor, Interviewer, Passionate Marketer, Business Blogger and an Influential Sales Leader.

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