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This 32 Years Old DocPreneur Ravi Kumar Putta, Founder, PRK Hospitals is Aiming To Provide World-Class Medical Care At An Affordable Price.

Talking to Biz Innings, Dr Ravi Kumar Putta, Founder and Managing Director at PRK Hospitals, expresses his strong childhood desire and passion towards providing top-class medical care to all sections of society at a very affordable price.

At a Glance

Any young college-going medical student would dream of completing the degree with a decent academic percentage and join into medical practice with some renowned names in the industry to earn realtime experience, but DR. Ravi Kumar Putta had other thoughts in mind, he thrived to stand out of the crowd, grabbed a gold medal in radiology and straight away wore an entrepreneur hat by starting PRK Hospitals to fulfil his dream of enabling top-class medical care to the society.

Joining politics would have been a cakewalk for him as his father Sudhakar Yadav Putta is a well-known politician in Andhrapradesh and his father in law Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Cabinet Minister in Telangana  has already laid a red carpet from decades, instead, this gentleman has chosen to pursue his childhood dreams, Ravi was so determined from his childhood to establish a MultiSpeciality hospital with world-class features and medical equipment,

He thrived to find new tools, latest technologies and equipment to increase efficiency without security and quality loss, by the time he pooled in everything and ready to launch, COVID has fallen from the sky all of sudden, no one would have dared to risk hundreds of cores at this bad phase, but this 32 years old young doctor was so determined in chasing his dreams and launched PRK Hospitals, a 250 bedded Multispeciality Hospital at Chandanagar, Hyderabad and proved that COVID phase also can bend in front of a  determined leader, here’s his story from his own words.

Edited excerpts

1. Gold medal in Radiology, choosing to start on own by risking 100+ cores to a start 250 bedded MultiSpecialty hospital at the age of 32 would be unreal for anyone, how did this began, take us through your inspiring journey so far?  

A good question to answer for any new entrepreneur, It all started with my vision to deliver comprehensive medical treatment and superior patient care to all sections of the society. It’s my father’s dream to serve the needy, I have grown watching him providing financial support and medical aid for many poor in our constituency. During my college days itself, my dream project of establishing a tertiary care centre started, I was so much inspired by many great leaders in the health care industry, all their achievements were the driving force behind my big dream to get into the medical field to deliver health care at a very reasonable cost to all sections without discrimination. Hence I had this strong desire of providing top-class healthcare services at a very affordable price, in front of this noble cause pooling funds were never a big hurdle, finally, I launched my dream project during the COVID phase, service to humanity is the main driving force for our project PRK HOSPITALS.

2. What makes your heart so connected with the hospital and medical industry?

Society by all means is my earnest desire and ambition from my childhood. My father Sri Sudhakar Yadav Putta, Ex TTD Board Chairman and Politician is a renowned entrepreneur and social worker, he is always a step ahead in helping the needy on a large scale and that has been an inspiration to me and added trait of sincerity and service. Love and affection from my mother towards all classes drove me in getting connected with patients and medical care. I am very enthusiastic and a fast learner, I have a strong passion to work in all hospital speciality departments without leaving any pebble unturned to mould myself into a true professional DocPrenuer, hence I always crave for excellence.

3. “Unconventional businesses need unconventional teams? How did you manage on onboarding such a great team?

As you know unconventional leaders cultivate the characteristics of having courage, stewardship, integrity, humility in leadership, care for co-workers, being humble, fearless and modest,  I strongly believe in good leadership, I drive my organisation in an optimistic manner with all my consultant doctors, administrations, medical and non-medical and paramedical staff and attribute all my success to my fantastic team and any failures, I own them as a lesson for future projects.

4. What’s your way of handling emergencies and the workload?

Handling emergency is always easy with planned SOPs. Robust systems in place, trained personnel, incident reporting in time and my timely intervention to stop things going out of control is so far working so good and we are determined to keep up this good combo. I have designed a special process for managing emergencies, workload, stress and my personal life.

5. COVID -19 was definitely a bad phase for all businesses, starting a MultiSpecialty hospital during this period is a tough decision, what made you go so strong during this downtime? How did you manage to hit such good revenues?

During this COVID phase, we were geared up to meet any sort of emergencies and disasters, we have regulated our standard operating procedures, policies and put well experienced and trained staff in place. Right people working in the right place for the right purpose with predetermined goals are the key factor for our successful COVID run. We are able to handle 100% with nil hospital-acquired infections during the COVID pandemic and I attribute this success to all my team (COVID warriors)  We had dealt the COVID situations at par with other corporate giants only because of our teamwork.

6. Chandanagar is already overcrowded with too many hospitals, What’s your speciality over them, any cutting edge/advanced technologies you own to differentiate yourself from others?

We are a multi-super speciality hospital in Chandanagar with corporate ambience at an affordable price, we are working round the clock 24×7 with the best doctors and super specialities in place. We have advanced world-class operations theatres, top-class laboratory, world-class Cath lab and radiology services which run under the supervision of renowned super-specialist doctors team and dedicated staff with world-class infrastructure. Competition always prevails in all segments but we made our way to achieve it.

7. What are the top speciality services you are offering at PRK Hospitals, take us through some critical cases you successfully handled so far?

We have all major super-speciality services like cardiology, neurology, plastic and cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, medical and surgical gastroenterology, medical and surgical oncology, critical care and emergency care, Ortho and trauma care, Ortho oncology, urology and nephrology, gynaecology and obstetrics, gynaec oncology, infectious diseases, radiology and interventional radiology and all other surgical and non-surgical specialities under one roof, I can personally connect you to with many patients who stepped in into our premises with no hope on life as many renowned hospitals couldn’t take the risk in treating them, they were almost on the edge of death bed when we picked up and all our experience and passion helped them walk out with smiles and 100% recovery, all I can say is we at PRK don’t hesitate to go to any extent to save lives of our patents, hence in no time, we built trust among the patients and stakeholders.

8. It’s a known fact that doctors don’t find the personal time, how are you balancing your professional and personal time?

I am quite excited about answering this most important question. Work, spirit, health, family and friends are the five balls and I believe in proper prioritising between work ( career and ambition)  and lifestyle (health, pleasure, family, leisure). Finally, it’s your attitude and not your aptitude which decides your altitude.

9.What’s your competitive strategy to capture the Hyderabad market? Where can we see PRK Hospitals as a brand in next 3 years time from now?

We have our own ideology and strategy of doing things in the hospital industry but in this competitive market, we are eager to advance, propel, prosper and attain a good market share. We have the best PR minds to ensure footfalls and associations, they have been doing a stunning job so far, we have robust plans to expand our hospitals to cater different sections of Telangana. Optimistically we will establish our PRK hospitals brand in the Hyderabad market utilising all the sources and cooperation from all stakeholders especially print, electronic media, corporate friends, family and all our well-wishers.

Biz innings

Interviewed by Chaitanya Gundluri

Chaitanya Gundluri is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Investor, Interviewer, Passionate Marketer, Business Blogger and an Influential Sales Leader.
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