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The Young Duo From Hyderabad Transforming Automobile Industry With Their Eco-Friendly Electric Autos

Talking to Biz Innings, Bharath Mamidoju, Founder and director of Adapt motors says automobile industry is going to witness exponential progress in EV Segment in a couple of years.

At a Glance

Adapt Motors is South India’s First and Largest manufacturer of Battery operated vehicles, they introduced an innovative technology called EPCS (Emergency Pedal Charging System) which is under patent process, It ensures driver to charge the vehicle by self through a pedal mechanism.

Edited excerpts
What inspired you to go Eco-friendly? Who’s Idea was this?

The agony of Society. Society need change, but none take an initiative, people complain but none rectify. It was the challenge that inspired an idea. I & Madhukar Reddy together initiated an awareness campaign by the name “GreenThumbs”, during one of the sessions, the challenge to change put forth an idea to initiate a project for Eco-friendly vehicles. I took an initiative to fund the project and develop the product as I had an experience of Homogenisation & Product development with a two-wheeler company. With Madhukar Reddy taking in charge of vendor management & building an initial workplace, the corporation started its first step.

Tell us more about how your love for nature turned into a business Idea?

I love travelling. Since my college days, I am a travel person. Photography is my hobby & my collections are always beautiful natural sceneries. Being a mechanical student my interests are management and automobiles, this made me develop a product that would even safeguard the nature.

What are the startup challenges you faced?

Everything. Believe me. Everything. Funds, Human Resources, Vendor Management, Product Development, State approvals. But today I may call all those troubles and challenges(I prefer to say) as feathers of my experience. Today we are little steady but yet to cope few more challenges.

The past and current trend indicate that Electric vehicle market is not commercially viable. What do you say?

Past I agree. But as on date, I would say a BIG “NO”. Electric Vehicles are commercially viable. Today people are wiser. They understand the limitations every product works properly under its limitation. Anyone would not agree that a truck is more viable commercially than an auto, though truck carries more load. Thus are the Electrical Vehicles. I would ask society – is it necessary use fuel based vehicle even when you leisurely take a ride to reach shopping malls, movies, supermarkets?. When your purpose of travel is defined electric vehicles can easily fit into it.

How do you convince the customer to buy your electric auto?

We need not convince, we only show them the viability.

Where do you think the electric automobile industry stand in next 5 years

With Government initiatives and more young engineers showing their interest in this sector, one may see an exponential progress in EV Segment in coming years. Infrastructure development, incentive programs from Government and Corporate Social Responsibilities by Corporates would be key to the growth.

Government bodies, Politicians, Bureaucrats give great speeches on Eco-friendly transportation, do you get support from them in reality?

We are a democratic country. And I believe, it is we, who has to support ourselves. The government has opened few schemes for startups. As a startup, we were unaware of those and hence faced few troubles, Government bodies or Politicians have to work on providing easy access to such schemes with proper guidance.

What are the Industry challenges you are facing at present?

Finance and Approvals are big challenges, banks do not provide loans to 3 Wheeler user as it is a startup product which is a discouragement to our customers. States like Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu has not yet taken any stand on battery-operated vehicles hence these two potential markets are on hold.

Where do you stand in the market in next 5 years, Any plans of going for funding?

Undoubtedly future is ours, we are open for funding. We are trying to get some technology and finance partners from global arena which would boost up the product and our market range.

What eco-friendly message you would like to give to the world?

Keep the nature healthy so that you can see your next generation smile healthy.

Interviewed by Chaitanya Gundluri

Chaitanya Gundluri is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Investor, Interviewer, Passionate Marketer, Business Blogger and an Influential Sales Leader.

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