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Who Can Be An Entrepreneur?



Of late a group of engineering students approached me to onboard one of my brands for their college fest, during this engagement I personally monitored almost all marketing dynamics in order to get maximum mileage, In this short journey I was quite impressed with the lead guy’s work and told him that he can be a great future entrepreneur, he thanked me and left with a proud feeling, after a week or so he rang me and requested for a personal meeting, I asked him to catch up at a nearby coffee shop the next day.

Later, he met me with a list of questions for which he desperately needs clarification and the first question he asked is what is entrepreneurship? Followed by how to become an entrepreneur? and so on so forth, I answered all his questions with extreme love and responsibility and he was a happy face back home. But what made me to ponder is, the guy who I felt can be a potential future entrepreneur doesn’t know actually the meaning of Entrepreneurship, this bothered me a lot for some time, Later when I gave a thought by getting into his shoes, I felt nothing wrong on his part, I too used to be just like him till my college days possessing all demanding qualities of a potential future entrepreneur but my education system never helped me to understand my inner capabilities, I got to know about them only after reading a lot of books and business stuff.

Nevertheless to mention, In India government itself is the main reason for many problems, It constantly failed in introducing entrepreneurship into the school curriculum, hence our curriculum helped us to only to get ready for immediate board exams and nothing else.

None of our school lessons carries Inspiring lives of entrepreneurs, we were actually taught about kings, poets, scientists, politicians, freedom fighters, and writers but surprisingly, we grow big and end up working for a monthly paycheck, one fine day when we are into the late ’30s and fed up with our boss we quit jobs, come out and launch a startup, that’s how the majority of startups in India are shaping up which is not a good sign.

At least from now if we find these 6 qualities in any youngsters, let’s give them a pat and tell them they can be a potential future entrepreneur who can change the world.

1. A Cool head always

Crisis will shatter almost anyone, the majority find tough dealing with hard times, they lose their cool, but there are few who still looks cool and calm as usual and keeps busy in finding the actual problem, they draw logical solutions and invent new ways to win out of the crisis. They are the real leaders who always stand forward in tough times. No matter what they take up, be it a cricket match or a million-dollar business, cool heads always execute the tasks with extreme perfection.

2. They help others to Grow

They are different, they mind their own business, most importantly helping others is their natural extension, they share knowledge and don’t hesitate in giving constructive and transparent feedback. they enjoy everyone’s success. They are always the first shoulder to cry on, they go to any extent to help their friends and family.

3. Extremely good at Sports, Arts and Extra Curriculum Activities

Predominantly everyone’s focus till college is only education but we often come across a few who are extremely remarkable at sports and arts as well, they show high winning spirit in sports, there’s no way to stop them, they find their ways to win, they hate to give up. They possess spell bounding artistic skills like photography, video making, painting, singing, dancing and so on so forth.

They are desperate to acquire new skills, they find extra time and push hard to sharpen their expertise, and this is the most demanding quality of a successful entrepreneur.

4. Problem Solvers

The future potential entrepreneurs are always busy in fixing things, they are eager to know how the devices they use in daily life work, they will dismantle almost all electronic devices like TV, remote, Toys and fix them again, they are the first name that strikes in mind to fix any problems, be it gluing a broken cricket bat, sewing a punctured volleyball, fixing a broken joystick and preparing a project PPT. They take every task challenging and solve it with utmost excellence. Problem solvers are always open to learning and eager to experiment, this makes them the real taskmasters.

5. They Initiate, Execute and Entertain

They are the one who calls for a vacation, outing and GTG’s, they will be the first to find new language centres/coaching centres in town and motivates others to join and up their skills. It’s tough to even think of executing a fresher’s day, college day or a Farwell day without their involvement. They plan everything so well and execute with perfection and they ensure to entertain everyone to the best during the engagement.

6. They are a Brand

At school, college and work, we always look up to a person, whenever their name is heard it creates some kind of positive vibes. They carry attitude, they always exceed expectations, they are highly motivated, they are a brand by themselves and it is a result of constant hard work and extreme skill possession which they acquired over a period of time, they are the game changers, no matter where they are or what they take up they will leave their long-lasting mark.


The supreme reward is knowing that you have the opportunity to have an impact on a young person’s life, If you find someone with the above qualities, take some time out of your busy schedule, tell them what they are capable of and drive them to pursue entrepreneurship. Personally I will never hesitate funding startups founded by someone who possesses all the above said stunning qualities.

Let’s be the change.

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By Chaitanya Gundluri

Chaitanya Gundluri is a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Investor, Interviewer, Passionate Marketer, Business Blogger and an Influential Sales Leader.
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